CollaDiva: Collagen Dietary Supplement


A naturally flavored dietary supplement rich with Japanese Collagen and Glutathione, and fruit extracts packed full of Vitamin C and E for a brighter, even skin complexion.


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CollaDiva: Collagen Dietary Supplement

Japanese Collagen Rich Dietary Supplement


A dietary supplement to regulate the metabolism of body tissue and achieve younger skin.
Pour 1 CollaDiva sachet into a glass, add 150 mL of water. Mix evenly and CollaDiva is ready for consumption.
Recommended drinking 2 sachets daily.



CollaDiva is composed mainly of Collagen, Glutathione, Vitamin C and Vitamin E. The fruit extracts are rich with Vitamin C and E to help reduce hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone to give a brighter overall complexion. While the Collagen and Glutathione will help tighten, lift, and improve skin texture and delay further signs of aging.



Dextrose, Fish Collagen, Antioxidants (Ascorbic Acid and dl-Alpha Tocopherol), Strawberry Fruit Powder, Grape Seed Extract, Grape Seed Extract, Apple Fruit Powder, Grape Powder, Natural Flavor, L-Glutathione.


Net: 240 grams / 16 sachets @ 15 g


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